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2897 - Folkmonster, Blueper

Bleuper FolkMonster  |  Folkmanis
Puppet Stats
Puppet Birthday: 2011 January
Special Features: Movable mouth, hands. Two handed puppet.
Awards: 2011 Parent's Choice Gold Award Winner
Creative Child 2011 TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD
All About Blueper

Blueper is a mechanically capable FolkMonster, born with a passion and knack for putting odd things together and making them work. They're not always showroom-ready, but they usually do what they should. He does the hard work with gusto, and loves making mistakes: if something doesn't act as he'd planned, it means he's just learned something new. He absorbs new knowledge greedily. When he takes a break he likes to juggle gears and sprockets and catch them on his horns. He favors things that are orange and blue...preferably both.

Retail Price: $37.99
Cost: $19.00
Total Price: $19.00

A wish, a dream, monsters on the scene

Night had fallen and a puppet designer was turning off the light in her workroom. She was tired and worn out from a day of cutting and sewing puppets and none of the new designs looked quite right. Too tired to clean up the workroom floor she said "I'll do it tomorrow" as she closed the door. Leaving the building, she looked up to see a shooting star flash across the night sky. "I wish for some great puppet ideas" she said as she stepped into her car and drove away.

What she didn't see is that the small meteorite fell to earth. It streaked right through her design room window, landing with a soft, thump on the pile of colorful fabrics and notions. What happened next could be described as magical or scientific or just plain amazing, but a spark from the space spores of the cooling rock caused the fabrics to shuffle and move, bind and bend, twist and turn and join, forming awesome new creations. Soon the room was aglow with bright colors as new puppets came to life. The FolkMonsters were born!

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