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G.U.E.S.S Homeschool Science Fair - May 2008

Folkmanis donated puppets to the G.U.E.S.S. (Get Up and Explore Science Spectacular) Homeschool Science Fair to use as prizes. Project leader Lydia Netzer was kind enough to write an update and thank-you to Elaine Kollias, Folkmanis' Marketing Director. She also send along some fabulous photos of the kids with their projects and the puppet prizes.

Dear Elaine,

The science fair was Monday afternoon and it was great! Everything about the fair exceeded our expectations, from the attendance to the quality of the experiments to the enthusiasm and excitement of the students. One of our organizers was interviewed on WNIS, our local talk radio channel, and the response from the community was amazing. Thank you so much for making this all possible. Dr. Gail Dodge, the chair of the physics department at Old Dominion University, was our lead judge. She was amazed and impressed by the children’s ability to clearly articulate their ideas, their independence and investment in their projects, and their confidence in presenting their work.

Your puppets provided the following awards:

  • The Louis Pasteur Award for Kindness to Sheep
  • The Owl Award for Nocturnal Studies
  • The Ostrich Award for Alert Research
  • The Red Fox Award for Colorful Work
  • The Fawn Award for Fearless Research
  • The Little Pink Noses Award (Sadie’s bunny!)
  • The Grey Squirrel Award for Tireless Data Collection
  • The Flying Squirrel Award for Unusual Thinking
  • The AHA Prize for Surprising Results (the giftbox puppy and kitten)

The children were BEYOND DELIGHTED!!! I have more pictures on the way of the specific children with their specific awards. I printed out certificates to go with each one.

Thank you again for all your help. You’ve done a great thing for these children in making this event possible, and we’re very thankful.

Lydia Netzer



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