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The Brevard Zoo - Melbourne, Florida

Pet Orphans

The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne Florida is committed to conservation and research projects throughout the globe. As a part of their commitment, the Brevard Zoo has developed sixteen environmental teaching suitcases for a wide variety of projects, see list below. The suitcases are used in community schools, villages and wildlife sanctuaries. The puppets created by Folkmanis are an integral part of each suitcase. Currently the Brevard Zoo is creating three additional suitcases for ape sanctuaries in Africa. If you would like more information about ape sanctuaries and the bushmeat crisis please see the following website: www.bushmeat.org.

Environmental Education Suitcases Developed for In Situ Projects:

For further information see: www.brevardzoo.org or www.colszoo.org.



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